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Weekly play setups for OTC

Whats are the weekly play setups? These are clean (no front-load) tickers near bottom channel with a conservative entry. It’s hard for people to know who to trust and which plays to follow, so I made this list to help them out. Previous weeks results are detailed and the current week is updated daily, so I will let the record will speak for itself. I enjoy the challenge each week to come up with some quality setups, every week trying to get better. Good luck.  – Cheds 
Update 4/17/17 – I realized it takes a lot of time to come up with 5 plays and update them daily, so ive decided to focus on annotating charts more and tweeting them on the weekends while brushing up on my TA. I will try to update this every week or two with some of the charts I do like.

Sunday 9/17/2017

Whats up? Apologies for lack of updates, I have been putting 100% into my twitter feed. Some chart ideas  — I am watching all of these in one way or another – Good luck


Sunday 6/4/2017


Sunday 4/17/2017

Here are some of the Charts/Plays I am watching closely


Sunday 2/20/2017

$RSII .0021-.0025
Super hot lately and due for a nice pull back, look for a value play if this dips to low 20s. May not dip that low but if it does its probably a good value.

$MKAU .0240 – .0270
BB’s getting ready to pinch as this tight channel nears its breakout point. Up-trend sitting nicely at reset point.

$FNHI .01-.0120
Another case of a great play with low SS that has been on fire, look for a value low ball entry if this should dip back to low 1s

$USRM  .0033-.0036
Trading in a nice tight channel, if this should break the cloud resistance it will have a nice run. Possible swing trade

$TQLA – .0021-.0024
Nice bottom setup with OBV bullishly diverging from price, williams at -100 and price sitting at previous support levels. Low float big spread and can easily jump back to .0050

$RSII .0021-.0025

Missed our entry but this had a fantastic run

$MKAU .0240 – .0270

Hit, went up to .035 range and came back to .02 friday.

$FNHI .01-.0120

$USRM  .0033-.0036

Missed our entry but this had a fantastic run

$TQLA – .0021-.0024

too high

Sunday 1/29/2017

$SOUM – .0016-.0018

Major volume last week or two in anticipation of an acquisition 8k. Excellent filing on thursday with 13g (statement of ownership) showing that one of the note holders is completely out (BMAK-Hannover). Nice pop on Thursday but failed to hold gains and Friday CDEL diluting knocked it back down to .0017 towards EOD, but the spread is still wide and this will easily move back up and retail is holding their shares. Look for a fill on bid in the 16-18 range.

$IFAN – .0012-.0014

Price settling in this base range after recent double bottom -Bollies pinching before a move. I like this to test .0020 short term.

$CHIT – .0016-.0017

Previous winner for many and after a long consolidation period and has begun to put in higher lows a This appears to be very close to breaking out of this descending triangle formation. Look for a fill .0016-.0017 on bid.

$AZFL  –  .0025-.0030

Post RS- Recent volume w/ price churning in key load zone – OBV rising bullish divergence, with money-flow improving as well. Look to fill .0025-.0030

$SVTE .0006-.0008

Recent AS increase and play from a couple weeks ago – Heavy volume once again and a possible bottom of channel with CCI oversold and OBV uptick – Bid .0006-.0008


$SOUM – .0016-.0018

  • Update 1/30/17 – Small pop in AM and slow downward day with price stabilizing in the middle of the day and slowly pushing up towards EoD. Great day to load. AH got the news we wanted as 8k dropped with those audited fins.
  • Update 1/31/17 – Nice churning today after yesterdays news, brief AM push to .0021, dip and strong close at .0019
  • Update 2/1/17 – More churning today then big news hit re: government contract. Push to .0021 and retrace. Bottom is raised more with news and chart looks great.
  • Update 2/2/17 – More churning today, range 14-19, closing at 15 with large 14 bids. This is a prime spot to add
  • Update 2/3/17 – Support broke and we added at 15 and 13. Expecting bounce this week. RESULT: STILL IN PLAY

$IFAN – .0012-.0014

  • Update 1/30/17 – Churning in that 13-16 range, taking a starter at .0013
  • Update 1/31/17 – More sideways churning 12-14 range, patience play.
  • Update 2/1/17 – Light volume churning 12-14 range, closed at .0014 with nice hits EOD
  • Update 2/2/17-  12 to 14 standoff, with some volume at 13 in between. More loading at 12, on bid with ARXS
  • Update 2/3/17 – More 12-14 churning, patience will pay off. RESULT: STILL IN PLAY

$CHIT – .0016-.0017

  • Update 1/30/17- Solid churning and movement in that 16-20 range, key pivot point in chart pattern.
  • Update 1/31/17 – Heavy volume today 16/17 with a high of 19. 16/17 continues to be a nice spot to add.
  • Update 2/1/17 – Brief touch at .0014 and close back at .0017. Levels above 17 remain thin, VNDM was showing an odd sized block towards EOD
  • Update 2/2/17 – Days range 15-17, This is due to breakout any day
  • Update 2/3/17 – Update closed a little weak at .0014 but bid was 15/16. Levels very thin on way back up and many bidders trying to add at .0014. RESULT: STILL IN PLAY

$SVTE .0006-.0008

  • Update 1/30/17 – Churning low teens, our entry too low.
  • Update 1/31/17 – Churning low teens again, our entry too low.
  • Update 2/1/17 – Low volume day with VWAP at .0011, closed .0012
  • Update 2/2/17 – Came back very close to our buy entry with some light volume at 9, closing the day stronger at .0011
  • Update 2/3/17 – Came super close to our buy range, touching .0009. Will enter next week RESULT: NO ENTRY

$AZFL -0025-.0030

  • Update 1/30/17 – Nice pop early day and solid volume at .0030, bringing that price base up a little more.
  • Update 1/31/17 – Nice volume in the high 20s after brief AM dip, BMAK towards EOD was on the BID only which is a great sign. 
  • Update 2/1/17 – Light volume churning 26-30, closing at .0029
  • Update 2/2/17 – Mega jackpot winner, Key pivot again at .0030 and then breakout, hitting a high of .0120 – Strong news today on the MJ front. We took heavy profit today from out 25-30 entry and will continue to look for re entry  RESULT: BIG WINNER

Sunday 1/22/2017

$HAON .0015-.0017
Chart waking up after trading sideways for a while. w/ massive volume candle on Friday. Retail groups will be pushing this higher so grab a piece but wait for a pullback.

$OPMZ  .0037-.0043
Low float OTCQB stock, currently in NT-10Q so note holders can not re up. VFIN is a bitch but this moves with retail buying pressure and likes to bounce.

$NSEH .0015-.0017 
Whisper play now on weekly play list. Low floater (reported 10M back in december) – Chart shows strong volume last 8 or so sessions with price trading sideways. Note the bullish divergence with money flow and accumulation(OBV).

$ONCI .0009-.0010
Price is stable and Friday showed some bullish L2 shifts, further signalling a reversal. Looks like a sure bet to hit .0015, so if you can fill 9/10 thats a nice return.

$IFAN .0012-.0014
Mega mover back in October and bouncing again in November. Chart shows bullish divergence and price stabilizing in this range — Possible DI+ cross and CCI crossing that -100 -.

$HAON .0015-.0017

  • Update 1/23/17 – Hit a low of day of .0017 with enough liquidity to fill. Pushed back up a little EoD and closed at .0020 – Entry hit
  • Update 1/24/17 – Days range .0014 to .0020. Closed at .0020 with some buying and bids towards EOD.
  • Update 1/25/17 – Dipped as low as 16 on light volume but mostly slaps at 18/19 today, closed .0020
  • Update 1/26/17 – Days range 17-18 as it is tightening up.  Should hit our profit within a few sessions.
  • Update 1/27/17 – Days range 14-16 and right in target area to load. Holding for next week

$OPMZ  .0037-.0043

  • Update 1/23/17 – Dipped as low as .0043 and pushed back up to .0050 EoD – Entry hit
  • Update 1/24/17 – Dipped as low as 31, added at .0033 and closed back up at .0040
  • Update 1/25/17 – Retail is negotiating the bottom here, solid bids in low to mid 30s and selling has slowed down. Should see reversal candle tomorrow. Close .0038 
  • Update 1/26/17 – Strong retail slapping today with dilutors moving back and then out towards EoD. Finished day strong and confirmed bottom.
  • Update 1/27/17 – Retail re-confirmed bottom today with mostly slaps, finishing the day green up 4 ticks and closing at .0040. Holding for next week. RESULT: STILL IN PLAY

$NSEH   .0015-0017

  • Update 1/23/17 – Heavy churning 16-19 and filled on the bid at 17 and 16 – Entry hit
  • Update 1/24/17 – Daily range 14-25. Big gap up in AM and large bids at .0024 to start day. Took profit 21-24.  RESULT : MEDIUM WINNER

$ONCI   .0009-.0010

  • Update 1/23/17 – Showed a little weakness early in the day but closed strong. Heavy churning and bids at 8, levesl 9 and 10 remain thin. Filled on bid at 9 – Entry hit
  • Update 1/24/17 – Nice churning today but instead of 8/10 it was 9/11. Bids slowly up-ticking and chart is really good.
  • Update 1/25/17 – Volume and selling have really slowed down, mostly just trades at 9 today , with almost nothing on the ask at 10. This will push higher and likely hit .0014 EoW or Monday
  • Update 1/26/17 – 9 support fell as did 8, with some small touches at 7. Watching closely as 7 needs to hold or trade will fail.
  • Update 1/27/17 – 7s did hold so trade did not fail, closing at 8. Holding for next week. 
  • Update 1/26/17 – Price dipped down to bottom of target area and we added at .0012, closing at .0014, 3 ticks up from our average .0013. Holding for next week. RESULT: STILL IN PLAY

$IFAN    .0012-.0014

  • Update 1/23/17 – Churning today and volume in that 16-19 range, bids were sold into towards the end and I think our entry will hit. 
  • Update 1/24/17 – Missed entry by 1 tick, low of day .0015, closing at .0018. Chart looks good here
  • Update 1/25/17- Again one tick off our bid, low of day .0015 but those bids were sold into. Our target buy range of .0012-.0014 looks to be in play for tomorrow.
  • Update 1/26/17 – Dipping into our target buy range, taking a starter today with intention to build on position at .0012
  • Update 1/27/17 – Price dipped down to bottom of target area and we added at .0012, closing at .0014, 3 ticks up from our average .0013. Holding for next week. RESULT: STILL IN PLAY

Sunday 1/8/2017

$MJTK bid .0019-.0020
Chart picking up a little and this has ample liquidity.  Look for 19-20 and take profit mid 20s

$SVTE  bid .0014-.0016
Retail reacted to AS increase and price began to stabilize 2 weeks ago – This will re test 20 and 25 I believe very soon.

$BMXC bid .0062-.0064 
Gorgeous chart, uptrend continues and this play has more to give us.

$APTY – bid .0030-.0033
Recent break from a down trend, sideways treading and now up-trending. Chart looks very healthy and there is a small float so this has legit breakout potential.


$MJTK bid .0019-.0020

  • Update 1/9/17 – We filled at .0020 early day and the price went as high as .0024, closing back at .0020. More churning in the zone before move up I believe.
  • Update 1/10/17 – More churning here in that 18-20 range. No change to play status.
  • Update 1/11/17 – Added .0017, close .0019
  • Update 1/12/17 – Cross trade around 3pm, L2 cleaned right up and a big push began. Huge move and closed at .0028. We took a lot of profit and are riding free shares.
  • Update 1/13/17 – Went parabolic on friday and closed at .0077!!!

$SVTE  bid .0014-.0016

  • Update 1/9/17 – We were paying attention and smashed that .0014 entry today on the bid. Closed the day with decent bids at .0017 and final trade .0019. Looking really good
  • Update 1/10/17 – Nice hits early day and a push up to .0020 with some opportunity to take profit. Buy range still in play at .0015s were added around 1pm
  • Update 1/11/17 – Lower volume today, bidders were not able to fill and the ask was chipped away.
  • Update 1/12/17 – Volume slowed down a bit, we added at .0015 in the buy range, still holding some of our original .0014 entry but we took some profit at 19/20.
  • Update 1/13/17 – Closed at .0016 with heavy loading at that 13/14 level. 

$BMXC bid .0062-.0064

  • Update 1/9/17 – Absolute gem of a play. We just missed our entry this AM as .0067 was the low, but from last week but are holding free shares from last weeks entry and gained another 45.3% on them today. Close .0109, high of day .0120.
  • Update 1/10/17 – Conversions likely done or almost done. Nice trading today and push to mid .0140 range and pull back to low 1s which are a great spot to add.
  • Update 1/11/17 – Holding up like a gem, churning low 1s. I added 0108 towards EOD. This is about to get explosive
  • Update 1/12/17 – our 8k finally hit! All conversions completed. I added at .0120 and we closed at .0171. No entry this week from play list, but last weeks play gave you free shares this week and you are up BIG.
  • Update 1/13/17 – Strong day Friday churning out early profit takers and holding almost all of its previous gains. Uptrend line in tact and closing at .0140.

$APTY .0030-.0033

  • Update 1/9/17 – Target price hit today as we were able to fill at .0030. We are sitting here at the bottom of the trend line with close at .0029, and this should be a nice spot to continue bidding
  • Update 1/10/17 – Added today .0026, close at .0031 and likely move back up the channel.
  • Update 1/11/17 – Low volume churning today, close .0031 again. Very little action.  This means bottom is holding. 
  • Update 1/12/17 – More sideways low volume churning, no change in status.
  • Update 1/13/17 – Low volume again, 28-32 churn. Closed at .0032


$DNRG bid .0009-.0010

Beaten down badly by dilution over the last few months, now holding in a tight range from 9-12 as retail shows bid support and note holders are hesitant to sell below .0010. Look for a fill on bid for some nice profit high teens.

$DIRV  bid .0009-.0010

Big moves on Wed and Thur last week, Friday did almost a full retrace back to load zone. Many retail bought this from 12-17 so there will be a push back up once retail believes bottom is confirmed. Fill on bid 9/10 for a re test of those recent highs.

$BMXC bid .0052-.0054

Still in play from recent days and the slowing of volume shows that selling has slowed a lot. Retail has been churning this in the 50/60 range, similar to how it churned in the 30/40 range before moving up. Notes are almost done and PR/updates expected from the company over the next 2 weeks. Look for a fill on bid .0052-.0054, this should re test .0104 and then .025

$APTY bid .0029-.0031

This has been a great setup for a while, some people are flipping it but most are holding as you can see with the strong money-flow. Recent break from downtrend adds confidence and updates are expected soon. Look for a fill on bid .0029-.0031 range.

$ACNV – .0048-.0050

This is a gem of a play actually with only 100M AS. CDEL and BMAK are the bad guys, but they do move with buying pressure. Chart is putting in higher lows but was unable to break past key level, so it is retracing and likely to bounce here along the bottom of the trend line.


$DNRG bid .0009-.0010

  • Update 1/3/17 – Target entry at .0009 hit, retail holding support at .0009 with 11 the ask
  • Update 1/4/17 – Strong bid support remains with some early day buying pressure as well. Starting to put in higher lows
  • Update 1/5/17 – Held early day but EOD saw some pressure put on the bid and we are back to classic 2 gap L2 bottom setup, 9-11
  • Update 1/6/17 – More churning today 9-11 range, with most of the volume at 10. 

$DIRV  bid .0009-.0010

  • Update 1/3/17 – Target entry at .0009 hit, then support at 9 and 8 fell with a full flush at 8 and back to 7/8 as it was before first move. Some retail buying towards EOD, finishing at .0008 Two bad MMS ARXS BMAK bidding 7, so holding
  • Update 1/4/17 – Trade is failing a bit but am still holding, added .0007
  • Update/ 1/5/17 – Lots of churning today at 7, with some volume at 6 and 8 as well. 
  • Update 1/6/17 – Failed trade, lost bid support at 7 and 6 and had to take loss. Will look for re-entry

$APTY bid .0029-.0031

  • Update 1/3/17 – Target entry at .0029 hit with brief dip to .0026, nice buying after dip and finished day at 33/34. Looking good
  • Update 1/4/17 – Hanging back around that buy zone, today’s range 27-31
  • Update 1/5/17 – Nice day on low volume, close at .0030, nice buying today .0030+
  • Update 1/6/17 – Very good day, touched 43 with bid at 42. Our .0029 entry in the money and riding freebies. Overall chart is good and play continues.

$BMXC bid .0052-.0054

  • Update 1/3/17 -Target entry at .0054 hit, went as high at 67 and finished day at 54. Holding from today and last week, expecting a big move.
  • Update 1/4/17 – churning through notes, should be close to an update from company. holding that key 50 level and closed at .0051. .0048-.0062 days range.
  • Update 1/5/17 – .0052 entries looking good with close at .0062 and nice 8k today confirming debt is almost finished. Very bullish day today
  • Update 1/6/17- Our .0052 entry rewarded, touching .0082 today. We took profit and are holding shares for the .025 gap fill.

$ACNV bid .0048-.0050

  • Update 1/3/17 – Target bid of .0050 hit and flushed with 50 on the ask briefly. Ended day at .0055. Needs volume
  • Update 1/4/17 – Some early morning movement then back to loading zone, briefly touching .0050
  • Update 1/5/17 – Holding uptrend and entry looks good, volume 55-60 range today
  • Update 1/6/17 – Awesome day, lots of buying with high of .0139. Heavy churning in the 80s towards EOD and closing up 66% which is bullish. Our .0050 entry was in the money today.


$MJTK – .0019-.0021 fill on bid
Post RS play

Daily chart is amazing. Has been a decent flip on the way down but showing signs of bottom here. On daily chart note the bullish divergence. Imo this will test .004x range  –

$BOTY – try to fill .0030-.0035 — This will test .0050 range again and likely .0075x short term

Rinse and repeat has been a great play, good kool-aid too.

$MJTK – .0019-.0021 fill on bid

  • Update 12/27/2016 from a low of .0023 touched .0038 today, closed .0027. Uptrend
  • Update 12/28/2016 Target buy zone of .0019-.0021 hit as 21s filled, close at 25 today. Many cross trades, chart flagging now before re-testing recent .0038 high.
  • Update 12/30/2016 2 days of weakness but price held after strong churning low 20s, and closed at .0023, holding higher lows. Very much in play next week

$BOTY – try to fill .0030-.0035    

  • Update 12/27/2016 low of .0038 before  reaching as high as .0052 today, LoD .0030 and close .0034. Likely to re test that .0050 level again. 
  • Update 12/28/2016 plenty of time to fill today .0030-.0035, nice EOD push, cross trade and close at .0038. Target bids looking very good and sell zone coming up.
  • Update 12/29/2016 KABOOM. News hit and this popped to .0060, a full 100% from .0030 entry . $$$$$ 

$BMXC – bid .0045 – look for .01 test short term and .025 with filings of debt fully converted

  • Update 12/27/2016 did not dip below .0051 today, closed .0060 and went as high as .0075. Held almost all of Fridays gains which was +50%. Remain very bullish 
  • Update 12/28/2016 As low as 50 today and closed at .0068 HoD. Looks very close to breakout and gap fill up to .025, by end of next week IMO

$BTDG – bid .0003 – Easy sell at .0004

  • Update 12/27/2016 Took off like a lightning bolt, cleared 4s 5s 6s and 7s to touch 8 and close 7. Thin for a trip play amd my lowball entry has no shot.
  • Update 12/30/2016 Price came back down today and very briefly was .0003/.0004. I did 3s but there was no fill, L2 shifted EOD back to 4/5

$GTRL – bid .0011 – RM play, .0020 test short term, big upsdie and smart traders on it

  • Update 12/27/2016 Bid still in play, churning in a strong up-channel. Impatient retail occasionally selling but hard to get shares.
  • Update 12/28/2016 Some 11s actually filled today as a loading wall appeared at 14. 11 remains proper bid and a good value.
  • Update 12/29/2016 11s filled and flushed today, and bid re built itself and the day finished at 12/13. You should have filled today, but may keep bidding to fill more.
  • Update 12/30/2016 Big move today and closed at .0018. Lots of profit from .0011 and by now for sure riding freebies. More upside potential as well.


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